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The Helgeland coast: Norway's pearl by the sea

The Helgeland coast, which stretches along Nordland's coastline, is one of Norway's most spectacular and untouched areas. With its majestic fjords, countless islands and picturesque fishing villages, the Helgeland coast attracts visitors with the promise of natural beauty, adventure and unique cultural experiences.

The island kingdom on the Helgeland coast

The Helgeland coast is known for its island kingdom, and visitors can explore a multitude of islands that stretch from south to north. Many of these islands are inhabited, and a journey along the coast gives you the opportunity to experience authentic life in small fishing villages. The islands are varied in size and character, from the flat agricultural islands to the steep and majestic mountain islands.

The black ice and sparkling fjords

One of the most impressive natural attractions on the Helgeland coast is Svartisen, Norway's second largest glacier. This majestic mass of ice provides a spectacular backdrop to the coastal landscape. In addition, the fjords along the Helgeland coast are known for their beauty, with deep cuts in the mountains, surrounded by green meadows and steep mountain walls.

Coastal culture and history

The Helgeland coast has a rich coastal culture and a fascinating history that goes back in time. Fishing has always been an important part of life along the coast, and you can explore traditional rowboats, fishing villages and museums that provide insight into the region's maritime heritage. Old trading posts and coastal forts tell stories of life along the coast through the ages.

Activities and outdoor adventures

The Helgeland coast is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the mountains on the islands, kayak through fjords, or enjoy the tranquility while fishing in the clear waters. There are also several marked hiking trails that provide fantastic viewpoints and opportunities to experience the untouched nature.

Local food and culinary experiences

The region also offers a culinary journey with a focus on local ingredients from both sea and land. Enjoy fresh seafood, especially the famous Helgeland coast salmon, at local restaurants or in rowboats by the water's edge. This gives an authentic taste of the Helgeland coast's gastronomic heritage.

Sustainability and conservation

Preservation of the unique nature along the Helgeland coast is a joint effort. Visitors are encouraged to practice sustainable tourism, respect local guidelines and contribute to the preservation of the valuable ecosystem.


The Helgeland coast is a treasure for those seeking adventure in spectacular nature. Regardless of whether you are interested in coastal culture, outdoor activities, or just want to experience the tranquility of the beautiful landscape, the Helgeland coast has something to offer. Explore this unique corner of Northern Norway and let yourself be seduced by its natural beauty, cultural heritage and hospitality.

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