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First aid kit. Complete kit containing all required equipment for efficient first aid. Also includes an ice pack for quick injury pain relief, an emergency blanket and sports tape!

Ice bag: 1 pc

Rescue foil: 1 pc

Sports tape: 3m

Wound strips: 25 pcs

Wound cleaning wipes: 4 pcs

Self-adhesive bandage: 1 pc

Elastic gauze: 1 piece, 4m

Microporous tape: 1 pc, 5m

Mouth to mouth mask: 1 pc

Large compress: 2 pcs

Compress: 5 pcs

Plaster folder: 10 pcs

Gloves: 1 pair

Scissors, first aid: 1 pc

Tweezers, first aid: 1 pc

Safety pins: 12 pcs

First aid booklet: 1 pc

First aid kit - complete


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