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Karesuando knife - Vuonjal - Damasteel 
Vuonjal is the Sami word for a two-year-old female reindeer. This elegant, handcrafted hunting and outdoor knife is our version of an EDC knife, with a size and sheath that allows you to take it anywhere. The reindeer horn inlay is a stylish detail in the handle, which is otherwise both elegant and comfortable to hold. The decorated knife sheath in brown leather can be attached in several ways so that it is easily accessible, but out of the way. It can, for example, be attached vertically and horizontally to the belt or to a rucksack.


The knife blade is made of Swedish stainless steel, Damasteel® Nordic Light™, and the handle is made of Masur birch with brass closest to the blade. 


Blade length 70mm
Blade thickness 2.5mm
Blade width 21mm
Total length 175mm

Karesuand knife - Vuonjal - Damasteel


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