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Porten til Nord-Norge Nordlandsporten

About us

The Nordland Gate, also known as the Gate to Northern Norway, is an iconic landmark at the county border between Trøndelag and Nordland.

Originally an information stop, it was bought by Porten til Nord-Norge AS in 2013, and since then the site has undergone significant development.

Historical development

  • Started as a simple stopover in the 90s.

  • Porten til Nord-Norge AS bought it in 2013 and opened a new store the same year.

  • Continuous development, including expansions and modernization of facilities.

Important milestones

  • In 2016, the old toilet building was demolished and replaced with modern sanitary facilities.

  • 2018: First expansion of the store, almost doubling the area.

  • 2022-2023: Completed the largest project with year-round operation, including upgrading infrastructure and establishing a year-round grill kitchen.

Cooperation and recognition

  • Cooperation with the Swedish Road Administration, which classified the facility as a "national main rest area".

  • Focus on offering quality products and services all year round for road users along the E6.

We send the products quickly!​

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