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CampStove 2+ is a small kitchenette with an integrated battery that turns heat into electricity and stores it, so you can charge your mobile with excess energy. It comes with a handy FlexLight ChromaReal LED that lights up the kitchenette while you cook. CampStove 2+ is powered by wood, twigs, pine cones or whatever you find in the woods and produces a smokeless fire to cook over. It also has a smart LED panel that shows several settings, such as how much power is left on the battery. The heat from the fire is transformed into electricity and stored in the battery, so be sure to charge your mobile, tablet or other equipment with a USB port! Updated with a bigger, more powerful battery.


More about CampStove 2+:


Burning time: 24 hours (fan at low speed), 11 hours (fan at medium speed), 5.5 hours (fan at high speed)


Battery: 3200 mAh

Outputs: USB A

Inputs: Micro USB

Weight: 935 grams

Cooking time: 4.5 minutes for 1 liter

Cooking surface: 0.82 m2

The package includes: CampStove 2+, FlexLight ChromaReal LED, extra storage bags, teeth, USB cable.

CampStove 2+


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