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Practical water storage bag that holds two litres. Easy to pack up so that it takes up little space in your backpack when empty. Easy to pour and transport.


The Seeker 2 L from Hydrapak are leak-proof water storage bags and the cap is also filtration compatible, making it an excellent tool to carry on longer trips.


The cap is cut resistant and designed to last for long periods of time. The bag also has an external meter that allows you to keep track of how much liquid is left in the bag at all times.


The contents of the bag can be frozen and the bag is also designed to withstand hot water, with a restriction of 60 degrees. 100% BPA and PVC-free material.



- Volume: 2 l

- Weight: 103 g

-Height (mm) 152

-Length (mm) 6

-Width (mm) 381

-Weight (g) 103



SEEKER 2L Sutro Green

  • Hydrapak takes no shortcuts, they deliver top quality products. Therefore, water bottles, liquid containers and various types of smart accessories in Hydrapak's range have been properly tested under demanding conditions. Athletes and adventurers all over the world rely daily on Hydrapak's various smart solutions, so that different types of fluid retention never become a problem on the road.

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