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Snowmobile trails at Namsskogan

Namsskogan, located in Nord-Trøndelag, has a great terrain and climate that make it an ideal place for snowmobiling in winter. The area has a network of groomed snowmobile trails that provide opportunities for exciting drives through the northern Norwegian wilderness. Here are some of the popular snowmobile trails in Namsskogan:

Namsskogan around

Namsskogan Rundt is a varied trail that takes you through wooded areas, open expanses and along lakes. The trail gives you the chance to experience the beautiful nature in Namsskogan from the snowmobile, and it is designed for both experienced drivers and those who are new to snowmobile driving.

Gråberg trail

The Gråberg track takes you through more hilly terrain with challenging climbs and descents. This track is particularly suitable for those who seek a more adventurous experience and want to test their skills in different types of terrain.

Skjelstadmarka - Namsskogan

This is a longer trail that connects Skjelstadmarka and Namsskogan. It takes you through beautiful forests and open plains, giving you the feeling of traveling through the northern wilderness. The trail is well prepared and gives you the opportunity to experience varied terrain along the way.

Tips for snowmobiling in Namsskogan

  • Follow the trail markings: Stick to the groomed trails, and respect any restrictions or closed areas to preserve nature.

  • Be safety conscious: Make sure you have the right safety gear, including a helmet and warm clothing. Stick to the recommended speeds and be aware of other users of the trails.

  • Know the rules: Familiarize yourself with local rules and guidelines for snowmobile driving in Namsskogan. This may include restrictions on noise, speed and the use of specific trails.

  • Respect nature: Take care of nature and wildlife. Avoid disturbing animals and avoid areas that are particularly vulnerable to destruction.

  • Be prepared: Be sure to bring the necessary equipment, including tools, first aid kits and extra fuel, especially if you're planning longer trips.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize your experience of snowmobiling in Namsskogan while helping to preserve the area's natural beauty.

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