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Børgefjell National Park: A jewel in northern Norway

Located in Nordland and Nord-Trøndelag counties, Børgefjell National Park is a unique gem among Norway's many national parks. With its impressive landscape and diverse wildlife, it attracts nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous visitors from home and abroad.

Geography and topography

The national park covers an area of around 1,447 square kilometers and is characterized by impressive topography. Børgefjell has mountainous areas, deep valleys and beautiful lakes, offering visitors an experience of untouched Norwegian nature. The summit of Oksskolten, which rises 1,915 meters above sea level, is the highest point and offers fantastic panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


The national park is home to a number of animal species and it is not uncommon to see reindeer grazing freely in the area. Børgefjell is also home to several predators, including lynxes, wolverines and bears. For bird lovers, the national park offers a diversity of species and is a popular place for ornithologists who want to observe rare bird species.

Hiking and outdoor activities

Børgefjell National Park is a paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. There is an extensive network of trails providing access to the most spectacular areas. From challenging mountain hikes to quiet forest walks, the national park offers something for everyone. Depending on the season, visitors can also experience boating and canoeing on the scenic lakes.

Nature conservation and sustainability

Preserving the unique ecosystem is a top priority for the management of Børgefjell National Park. Visitors are encouraged to practice sustainable outdoor living and respect guidelines for the protection of flora and fauna. This includes trackless traffic and respect for wildlife so that future generations can also enjoy untouched nature.

Cultural wealth

In addition to the natural beauty, Børgefjell National Park also has a rich cultural history. The area shows traces of earlier settlements and Sami culture. Visitors can explore historic sites and learn more about how people have lived in harmony with nature throughout the centuries.


Børgefjell National Park is a treasure for Norway and offers a unique opportunity to experience the untouched nature of Northern Norway. Whether you are an avid mountain hiker, nature photographer or just want to experience the tranquility of the beautiful countryside, Børgefjell has something to offer. Take your time to explore this national park and be enchanted by its natural beauty and cultural richness.

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